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Cabaret Cabaret provides for its audience an animated and a uniquely exciting dramatization of Berlin, Germany just before the Second World War. The story of many Germans living in an uncertain world is shown through just a few characters. Life is a cabaret, or so the famed song goes. After watching "Cabaret," you'll agree to an extent, but also realize how unsettling the assertion is. Taking place in the early 1930s, a portrait of life …

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…off to live his life in Pennsylvania again, and Sally goes back to her conniving ways for as long as she can, I suppose. Schnieder will most likely continue to keep renting out her home, and never change her ways. The end of the play brings a realistic representation of Nazi Germany, and the happenings of the time. Hitlerís hopeless loveless devastating rule brings nothing good to the people of Germany or the world.