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Cujo With Cujo, King hasn't wasted any time in introducing the characters. Within the first few pages, we meet a man named Vic Trenton whose ad agency is in danger of failing. His wife, Donna, who is in the middle of an extra-marital affair and wants to end it. Their son, Tad, is afraid of a monster in his closet. The Cambers are introduced - their marriage is filled with fear, violence and plain simple …

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…s; the poignancy of the miable St. Bernard (yes, the breed choice is just right) infected by a brain-destroying virus that makes it into a onster; and the way the "daylight burial" of the failed ad campaign is reflected in the sunlit Pinto that becomes a offin. And how significant it is that this horror tale is not supernatural: it's as real as junk food, a failing marriage, a roken-down car, or a fatal virus.