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The Batista Regime In March 1952 former president Batista, supported by the army, seized power. Batista suspended the constitution, dissolved the congress, and instituted a provisional government, promising elections the following year. After crushing an uprising in Oriente Province led by a young lawyer named Fidel Castro on July 26, 1953, the regime seemed secure, and when the political situation had been calmed, the Batista government announced that elections would be held in the fall of 1954. Batista’s …

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…economic and ideological beliefs. In March 1997 the Cuban government allowed CNN, or Cable News Network, to open an office in Havana, making it the first American news bureau to operate in Cuba since 1969. Since that year, both Cuban and U.S. laws have barred American news organizations from maintaining offices in Cuba. However, in 1997 U.S. officials granted ten organizations licenses to set up operations there. Of the ten, CNN received Cuban permission as well.