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CRANBERRIES A Report on Cranberry Growing and Northland Cranberries INC. Northland Cranberries, Inc. is the world's largest grower of cranberries, it has 2,841 acres in production and 20,000 acres of support land. Northland operates 20 growing properties in the central and northern parts of Wisconsin and 4 in Massachusetts. Northland was established as a public company in 1987, when five companies formed a partnership. It was the largest supplier of cranberries in the Ocean Spray cooperative, the company voted to …

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…While there is ice on the plants trucks drive onto the beds to spread out about ½ an inch of ice on the ice. When the ice melts in the spring the sand falls below the plant. This allows new vines to easily grow and root into he sand. Frost is another problem for farmers so they sprinkle the vines with water. As the water freezes, heat is released, this protects the plants from frost damage.