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HECTOR MERCEDES HISTORY 101-003 PROFFESOR RICHARD GREEN COSTANTINE/BYZANTINE CULTURE MAY 11, 2000 The Byzantine Empire was the eastern part of the Roman Empire, which survived the destruction of the western empire. Constantinople, which is now Istanbul, Turkey, was the capital city. Constantinople became the capital of the Roman Empire in the year 330 A.D. after Constantine the Great founded the city and re-named it after himself. Little by little Constantinople became the true capital of the …

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…because he himself became a Christian but was not baptized as one until his death. Constantine was looked upon as one of the greatest Roman emperors who in his lifetime won the final victory for Christianity by ruling the world’s greatest empire in the name of Christ. Constantine also strengthened the empire by bringing the empire under one ruler one religion and he was a major contributor to the formation of medieval Christian Europe.