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Colonial Time (1607-1765) Immigrating to America in 1607, the Separatists wanted to practice their own religion. Unhappy in England, the Separatists came to America on the Mayflower setting out to sea to America. Upon their arrival, sickness meet more than half of them causing the first year to be the “Starving Time.” In 1619, plantation systems, as well as slavery grew. The Separatists were later called Pilgrims because they made a pilgrimage for religious reasons. The Puritan …

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…Bradford, Edwards, and Taylor were saying was that God works miracles and is sincerely loving to all his children. God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross to save us from our sins, and yet still watches over us. Through their own viewpoint of God, the three writers established the Puritan aspect that God is forgiving, most merciful and would grant you your wishes in exchange for your trust and belief in Him.