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Nikki Bumbacco Ms. Morris ENG 3A0 May 15,1999 Often in literature characters, through different experiences, undergo changes which enable them to grow. In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, the author J.D. Salinger portrays Holden as a confused adolecent. The author conveys Holden’s inner growth through specific incidents. When Holden is expelled from Pencey he grows and developes a new attitude towards his family. After meeting with a prostitute Holden becomes more mature …

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…witha prositute leaves Holden feeling unfulfilled. Holden grows and as a result realizes that sex does not compensate for companionship. Finally when Holden is reunited with Phoebe he learns that he can not preserve the innocence of children forever . Holden’s new inner growth enables him to realize that he too must deal with the side of life he does not prefer. Growth and change are both an inevitable part of life’s long journey.