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For the past 39 years, the C-141B Starlifter cargo jet has served the United States Air Force as itís primary workhorse for handling transport duties during armed conflicts, as well as, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world. However, the needs of todayís military in the ever-changing worldwide environment have begun to reveal the C-141Bís age. In recent years, threats to the United States national security have increased the immediacy of …

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…cargo planes, including payload-to-altitude, time-to-climb, and short takeoff and landing. The C-141B Starlifter, a venerable and well-used transport plane for the United States Air Force, has finally reached the end of its life cycle. It all comes down to new technology replacing old technology. The C-17 Globemaster III is the right choice to replace C-141B Starlifter, and should meet all of our militaryís air transport needs now, and well into the future.