Butterbox Babies

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Bette Cahill's Butterbox Babies is a true story of baby deaths and black market adoptions in East Chester, Nova Scotia. Butterbox Babies describes the scandalous activities of the Ideal Maternity Home and Sanitarium in East Chester. The Home was owned and operated by William and Lila Young. William was a chiropractor who impersonated a medical doctor at the Ideal Maternity Home. He disguised himself in a white lab coat while delivering babies. Lila was a …

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…of their natural lives behind bars. Butterbox Babies was a well researched and written novel. It went into great depth of events, that had occurred over 65 years ago, with a great deal of information. Many great interviews were written in the novel and both sides of the story were shown. Bette Cahill showed no sides in the novel, she presented the facts and left the choice of guilty or not guilty up to the reader.