Business do not have to be ethical they are guided by the law. Discuss?

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                                   Business Ethics 'Companies do not have to be ethical, they are guided by the law; business ethics is an unnecessary consideration' To what extent do you agree with this statement? Support your argument with company responses to ethical responsibility. Ethics are the moral principles that should underpin decision-making. A decision made on ethics might reject the most profitable solution in favour of one of greater benefit to society as well as the firm. Ethical dilemmas …

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…it comes to the practice of business, consumers need to trust that an organisation does what it says such as Fair Trade policies; farmers of cocoa get paid a good wage for what they do if a company such as Nestle says they do. Money given to Oxfam gets used to help poor and starving people and not used to line the pockets of the governments it is sent to. Bibliography: Books:                            Internet:          Other Reading: