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Christianity Hinduism Islam Buddhism Judaism 1.God is the devine heavenly father who is loving,caring,and forgiving 1.Pantheistic:The Absolute Spirit Brahman-all individual accepts of being belong to the same divine substance. 1.Allah is the God for Islamic religions who is powerful, merciful, and beneficient ruler of the Islamic faith. 1.Two Sects: Hinayana-emphasizes personal pursuit of Nirvana (paradise). They did not see a Supreme Being.Mahayana-sees divinity come to earth (Budha) 1.God which is the …

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…Sacred Black Stone that is located in the Holy City of Mecca.-Kaaba-Roofless sanctuary in Mecca. -Star and the Crescent which is located on the flag of many Islamic Fllowers. 5.Fig or Bo Tree-place where Budha thought of his teachings.Footprints-the elephant is an animal incarnation of Budha.Wheel-signifies the sun and the wheel of law. 5.Menorah-which was a seven candelabrum, a sacramental object.Torah-the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible which was the instruction.