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Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama, also know as Buddha or the enlightened one. Is credited with the founding of Buddhism, Siddhartha was most likely born in 563 b.c. according to scholars. The son of a king of a petty kingdom, he was said to become a great leader and man at birth according to sages that were present. He was raised in seclusion form the world in a palace until the age o twenty-nine. Siddhartha felt that …

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…of good and bad one could be reborn as a human, animal, ghost, denizen of hell, or one the many Hindu gods. As in Hindusim, Buddhists believe that rebirth may be escaped through a system called Nirvana. It is said one must quench the fires of greed, hatred, and ignorance to achieve this state. If nirvana is not a reachable goal in ones life then he or she shoud strive to achieve a better rebirth.