Brotherly Love

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BROTHERLY LOVE The snow fell from the night sky like millions of little white stars that lost their hold on the firmament. Little Sammy always one to love the snow ignored it for the moment, showing uncharacteristic concern for his brother. "What's the matter Todd? You've been acting strange all day. I know something's on your mind or you wouldn't have that look on your face. You always look that way when something's wrong". "Oh, …

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…young bodies. EPILOGUE Sammy watched them from his upstairs window. It worked! It had actually worked! As he stroked his cock in that five fingered pocket that is the lot of young boys with no other choice and watched he felt a surge of pride. Those flakes so like stars from heaven began to fall again and Sammy shot his load all over the windowsill. It was days before he remembered to clean it up.