Brooding Romantic Symbolism: The Scarlet Letter and Billy Budd

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There were many differences between the novels The Scarlet Letter and Billy Bud. The Scarlet Letter was about how two people dealt with their sin in different ways, while Billy Bud was about an innocent man, who was punished for an unintentional "sin". Although the stories and themes were different, these novels do some significant similarities. Both stories involve the battle of good and evil, and in both all of the main characters are highly …

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…no. In this case Hester and Dimmesdale were in no way "evil", because never in their lives did they intentionally try to do wrong. The same is true for Billy Budd. I think that these novels both gave interesting perspectives on sin and the battle of good and evil. They were both thought provoking, and as painful as it might have been for me at the time, I think reading these novels was very beneficial.