British Literature Women of Long Ago

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The star football player was about to be forced off the team because of poor academic grades. In desperation, the coach approached the Dean of the college and swore on his honor that he would give the lad a final exam in one of his subjects, and if the boy didn’t pass he would take him from the team immediately. The night before the big game the coach met with the boy to test …

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…love for one another and respectful of each others power. The end result in the tales is that the couples become happy. They fight no more and live in peace. They understand the value of balancing the power in relationships. If we look behind the lives of men, we find “history” is often “herstory.” He said his prayer with sighs, Lamenting his misdeed; He crosses himself, and cries On Christ in his great need… (Gawain 204)