British Democratic State as of 1914

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How democratic a country was Britain as of 1914? During the late 19th and early 20th Century, several acts were passed by Parliament in an effort to make Britain more democratic. However, whether Britain was completely democratic by 1914 is an issue for debate. In order to decide how democratic Britain was we must first establish what a democracy is. The nine major factors which make a system democratic involve providing a secret ballot to ensure privacy, …

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…by 1914. The Reform acts and laws passed between 1832 and 1914 did significantly improve the British political system in terms of being a democracy. However as the Franchise was still incomplete, the constituencies were unequal and the right to vote was still based on property it cannot be said that by 1914 Britain was completely democratic. Although many of the steps to turn Britain into a democracy had been taken the process was in no way completed in 1914.