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Sarah Pike “Does Greene raise his characters from mere functions in a ‘detective’ novel to characters whose motivations are believable?” Use two characters to illustrate your argument. Brighton Rock, by Graham Greene, is a book based in 1930’s underworld Brighton. The novel is based on the tale of Pinky, a teenage gangster, and his conflict against an amateur detective, Ida, who is intent on bringing Pinky to justice. In many ways Brighton Rock can be …

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…his mob because Pinky is still a child. Pinky must also feel intimidated by the image Colleoni portrays of the typical rich, Italian gangster type. “…His old Italianate face showed few emotions but a mild amusement, a mild friendliness; but suddenly sitting there in the rich Victorian room, with the gold lighter in his pocket and the cigar case on his lap, he looked as a man might look who owned the whole world…” p.66