Bride comes to Yellow Sky

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As reading Stephen Crane's, "The Bride comes to Yellow Sky", which brings an understanding of western men through a short story of fighting and rough adventures. Crane's imagery is vivid, but the words he writes seldom provided a final interpretation. Crane's perceptions and expressions still seem as current as anything experienced to date. Stephen Crane brings poetry to life through life experiences. This may be attributed to the fact that Crane himself lived an extremely …

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…ople will accept his new wife. In conclusion, Stephen Crane never quite ended this story on a definitive note. One can only use their imagination to create their ending. As a typical romantic, I would like to suggest that Scratchy never acted up again. Jack got his wish to never pull the trigger one his gun again. The town remained in a peaceful, calm existence. Jack and his wife (never named) lived happily ever after.