Breast Milk: The Only Food That Baby Needs. This paper describes why breast feeding is most beneficial to a baby and the mother as well.

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Breast-Milk: The Only Food That Baby Needs Women become mothers every day of the year. And the most common debate (other than a name for the baby) is whether to breast-feed or bottle-feed the baby. While some cultures do not have that option due to lack of money, and they are forced to breast-feed, millions of women have to make this decision. Breast-feeding is more beneficial than bottle-feeding, not only for the baby, but for …

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…fact that formula contains more fat than breast milk, and also that breast milk is thinner than formula due to the difference in composition. Breast milk is also easier digested than formula; therefore, it takes longer for the baby to become hungry again when he or she is fed formula. So, even though bottle-feeding will keep the baby full for a longer period of time, breast-feeding is still the best way to feed a child.