Bouchard's view of Canadian History

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Lucien Bouchard is one of Canada's most interesting politicians. Born in the 1930s to a rural town in Quebec, Bouchard rose to become Quebec's present premier. Most federalists have characterized Bouchard as an enemy of Canada but it is important to recognize the events that shaped the political figure we see today. Bouchard's version of Canadian history was based on his experiences living in an isolated area ruled by Anglophones, his education, the nationalism of …

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…that Bouchard brings to politics. However, the history books will tell us in the future if Bouchard has what it takes to lead the french to sovereignty. Bibliography Bouchard, Lucien. On the Record. Toronto:Stoddardt, 1994 Bouchard, Lucien. "Notes for a speech on the accasion of the tabling of the formal motion reasserting the right of the Quebec people to self determination", 1996. Martin, Lawrence. The Antagonist. Toronto :Penguin Books, 1997