Boom Towns Of the AMazon

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Urban Geography Boom Towns of the Amazon The Amazon Basin has been called the last frontier. Although there has been a considerable amount of government investments in rural development, the majority of Amozonia is urban. Charles Wageley said that the “Typical Amozonian town was lethargic and backwards due to its seclusion.” Every year many people are killed in land disputes in this area. With all the social and environmental changes rapid urbanization in the Amazon …

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…They provide the labor required for resource extraction but after that the migrants disperse. Classic frontier models, based on autonomous rural communities, do not predict the demographic influx associated with Amazonian conditions. Frontier expansions so far entail short-term appropriation of wealth, but not necessarily in the Amazon. The continued development of towns in this region is dependent on economic diversification aimed at providing a steady livelihood for the many migrants still entering the Amozonian frontier.