Book review of David Graham's "Stutter Monk"

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Jeremy Daniel Dr. Shawn Holliday English 419 November 18, 2002 Review the Monk Poetry is an inquired taste. Most college students around the world today would rather work than read poetry just for the fact that a lot of it is hard to read and understand. I myself enjoy poetry and the hardships it hands out. Not everything can be as simple as ABC and 1 2 3. Poetry is not that simple but for me it's an escape. Good poetry …

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…all, Stutter Monk was a book worth reading and I really enjoyed. This book allowed me to see that obstacles can always be overthrown and that life is what we make of it. His poems showed many obstacles he over came and allowed me, in a sense, to get to know him and what he is all about. This is definitely a book I would recommend for others to read, especially if you like poetry.