Book Report on Stand the Storm A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Reynolds, Edward. , Stand the Storm: A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Longman. 1985. My Responses from Reading Stand the Storm With my sallow understanding of slavery, I imagined slavery only happening in the New World, where they obtained a better treatment than the book recorded; at least, slaves would have enough nutritious food on their trip to North and South America. After reading this book, Stand the Storm, the pains of African slaves conjured up …

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…the African slaves were subjected painfully by the Europeans in the New World. Moreover, I was surprised that slavery did exist and start first on the continent of Africa, as well as their functions were different from those in the Americas. However, no matter where the enslavement existed, slavery is realized and confirmed as the human exploitative system up to the present day, in which numerous Africans used their sweat to replace for their tear.