Book Critique of The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Dorner

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Why do trains crash when the signals are working? Why does a nuclear reactor melt down with all operators alert at their posts? Why do so many of well-planned professional and personal plans frequently do not accomplish desired results? Dietrich Dorner, considers why we make mistakes which result in terrible outcomes even though we have intelligence, experience, and information about the issues we had made decisions. According to Dorner, it is not because of our …

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…be. In order to improve individuals decision making, they have to analyze the situation carefully and be aware of biases as well as combine rational analysis with intuition. Also, one must notice that one specific decision style is not appropriate for every situation. One should tailor decision making methods to his personal strengths and weaknesses since every person is a unique individual with innate characteristics, and has knowledge and experience that no one else possesses.