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Bon Jovi is a popular pop/rock band. The band members are Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres. The rock group, Bon Jovi, was formed in 1983.Over the years the rock group has won many awards. In 1987 they were awarded the American Music Award for the Best Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group. Then in 1990 they won the Golden Globe Award for Best Song for their song, Blaze of Glory, from …

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…Two Story Town, Liviní on a Prayer, and Next 100 Years. Since the time the Bon Jovi rock group was formed in 1983 to present they have received many awards like the American Music Award, the Golden Globe Award, and MTV awards. Their heartfelt lyrics and emotion-packed sound in addition to each memberís love of music has made Bon Jovi a popular and successful band. As the years pass Bon Jovi just gets better and better.