Bombs, Beats, and Bus Boycotts: The Turbulence of the 1950's

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Bombs, Beats, and Bus Boycotts: The Turbulence of the 1950s At the end of World War II , Americans saw prosperity that they had never seen before. The standard of living had risen, and America was racing for world dominance. Moreover , the events that took place during this decade would change the way we look at this era forever. This decade was an era of turbulence, rather than an era of idealism, due to great fear …

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…events that took place in the 1950s led the way into the 1960s. Communism was still heard about during Vietnam War, the beats ideas were carried on by hippies, and the Civil Rights Movement was carried on far into the 60s and beyond. Hopefully, people will understand now that the 1950s were an era of turbulence and not idealism. All these events took place for a reason and shaped the way our society is today.