Blue Highways

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Blue Highways “New ways of seeing can disclose new things. Do new things make up for new ways of seeing?” (p. 17) William Least Heat Moon’s excursion reflects his appreciation for tradition and the purity of the past. His odyssey reflects his Indian heritage and the corrupting influence of modern technology. Heat Moon takes a circular journey around the country. By traveling this circular path and subconsciously following his Indian heritage routes, William Least Heat …

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…machines. His motto was “It’s the doin' that’s important.” He also encountered people who were dependent on things of modern society, like Watkins wife. She did not see the beauty of nature, just the machines around her. He learns that it is rare to appreciate the precious fragility of nature and it is hard to avoid contributing to the corrupt society that has been camouflaged and destroyed by modern day chaos and “advances.”