Blue Beach and Like Water for Chocolate

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In both the play, Blue Beach by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda and the novel Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquirel symbolism plays a vital role throughout the central ideas. In both of these pieces of literature the symbolic objects are a hotel with everything in it and the use of cooking respectively. These objects reflect the families. In the play Blue Beach, the hotel portrays the breaking down of the Garza family, while …

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…love left in the family and that the only thing that keeps the family reuniting is the hotel. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate, Tita’s cooking expresses her love and sorrow that she feels for Pedro. Through the cooking, family and friends experience love, sadness, happiness, and grief. In both of these pieces symbolism give a powerful message. It shows how a family can experience a breakdown or not experiencing love at all.