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In Bloodstain, Christopher W. Rowan portrays the theme very effectively. The theme teaches how a lack of responsibility can negatively affect more than one individual. This theme is represented by the actions of the main character, Fred, as well as his parents, and Mr. Haskell, the unfortunate victim. Rowan's theme of irresponsibility is expressed most clearly through the behavior of the protagonist, Fred. The initial incident is Fred's poor decision to take his parents' gun. …

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…gun is stolen, but he does not take the situation seriously. Instead, he mildly warns him not to shoot anybody's cow, and then leaves. Consequently, his casual approach to the matter results in his unfortunate death. In conclusion, in a disastrous event, responsibility is often shared. In Bloodstain, Fred's actions are what directly leads to Mr. Haskell's death; however, his parents and Mr. Haskell himself are also to blame for the tragic turn of events.