Blind Conformity in The Crucible

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Crucible Essay - Blind Conformity Blind conformity to mass thought is an issue that greatly affected the events of the Salem Witch Trials in The Crucible. The tendency of the townspeople to conform blindly may have come from their religion. Puritanism did not encourage individuality, and anyone who was "different" was looked down upon. Also, the fear of the devil was blinding, and no one wanted to risk having an "evil" or "unholy" person in …

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…is considered cool to feel like they are "normal", even if they hate the taste of beer. This type of blind conformity is not usually life threatening, but when it is taken to the level it was in Salem, it can be very deadly. That is a prime example of why we must think before we act and be skeptical of certain situations, or else a tragedy like the witch trials could easily happen again.