Bless the Beast and the Childern

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Bless the Beast & Children By: Glendon Swarthout Bless the Beast & Children is an intresting book for all ages to read. Glendon Swarthout has put together a novel that is similar to the timeless classic "Lord of the Flies" but has added a more realistic plot and a different line of characters. In the following report I will discuss the characters, plot, and style of writing used in the novel. The plot in the story was …

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…are not found often. He has a very similar style to Evan Hunter, author of "The Blackboard Jungle". Swarthout's novel was a little bit more of an easy read, compared to Evan Hunter's novel but Evan hunter is an author who can write a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. "Bless the Beast & Children" is an over all easy, fun, adventure filled book that will please readers of any ages.