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The movie Bladerunner, directed by Ridley Scott, deals with the issues of technology, humanity and identity. What it is to be human, the thin line between humans and Replicants and the advancement of technology are all ideas raised in the movie. In this segment, these issues are highlighted by the filmaker's use of lighting, sound and camera shots. In the shots of the exterior of the Tyrell building and Deckard flying towards it, the music …

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…reinforced this. A long period of time was needed in the scene to highlight the difficulty in distinguishing Rachael as a Replicant. These techniques are used by the filmaker to reinforce the issues of the movie. Identity, humanity and technology are the ideas which this segment highlights. Camera shots, sound and the use of lighting all combine in making this an important part of Bladerunner by exploring the themes and issues raised by the plot.