Black Legend

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“BLACK LEGEND” William of Orange once stated, “Spain committed such horrible excesses that all the barbarities, cruelties, and tyrannies ever perpetrated before are only games in comparison to what happened to the poor Indians.” This statement can be viewed in several different ways: truthful, hypocritical, harsh…the list goes on. William was correct in his statement except for the first word, “Spain.” Even though Spain did commit horrible offenses against the Indians, William of Orange, …

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…learn from our mistakes and move on rather than condemn people for making those mistakes. William of Orange was correct in his statement to the extent that Spain committed atrocities, but every settler to the New World was guilty of the “Black Legend.” “On my honor I have neither given nor received any aid on this work nor am I aware of any breach of the honor code that I shall not immediately report.” Signature:_______________________________