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The American Civil War was a conflict between the Union and the Confederacy. It was a war between the states. The North was fighting to abolish slavery and the South was fighting for their independence. During the war, roughly three million people fought for their cause. The majority of these three million soldiers are sung heroes. However, there are still those heros who people are unaware of. One rarely hears about these unsung heroes who …

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…with the bravest white troops what I have successfully accomplished with the black ones. Everything, even to the piloting of the vessels and the selection of the proper points for cannonading, was done by my own soldiers." Excerpt from February 1, 1863 report by Colonel T. W. Higginson, commander of the First Regiment South Carolina Volunteers (Union) after the January 23 - February 1, 1863 Expedition from Beaufort South Carolina, up the Saint Mary,s River in Georgia and Florida.