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Otto Von Bismarck Otto Von Bismarck was one of the most successful and influential statesmen of the nineteenth century. Bismarck had many political and diplomatic talents, which enabled him to strive towards the goal of unifying Germany under Prussian rule. During the rough times of 1848, Bismarck showed signs of being a champion of conservatism. Bismarck eventually rose to become the prime minister, a position that he held for thirty years. While prime minister, Bismarck’s …

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…without training or experience in politics was wrong. Bismarck did not see it possible for someone to teach about something when they have never experienced it themselves. With experience comes the knowledge to understand. Bismarck conducted himself in a way of great smarts. He believed tat a truly intelligent man changed his views with the changing times. He felt he had to adapt to the happenings around him to help Prussia become a great nation.