Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar Disorder 10/12/00 Abnormal Psychology- TR 11:00 The topic I chose for my internet assignment is Bipolar Disorder. I chose this disorder because I find it to be very interesting and I also know someone who has been diagnosed with it. >From my research I learned many things about Bipolar Disorder. It affects around 1% of the population and it fits into the category of affective disorders. People experience the disorder in many different ways. Some experience "full …

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…accessed from the home. Sometimes it is embarrassing to ask about symptoms or things that are happening so with this resource you can ask questions through e-mail and it is confidential. Overall, the project taught me a lot. Even thought there are a lot of sites that are put together by people who are not doctors for the most part, I think that there are a lot of good resources on the web. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**