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O Henry. “William Sydney Porter- later known as O. Henry was born in North Carolina.” O. Henry wrote many colorful and dramatic short stories. The inspiration for the many stories that he wrote came from his experiences through life. Some of these include working in a “drugstore, sheep ranching, bronco busting, living as a fugitive in Honduras” (Zwerger #1) William Sydney Porter’s mother died when he was only about three years old. After her death …

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…pg14 #2) In 1904 will published his first book, Cabbages and Kings. This book was a book of short stories. The stories were about his adventures and experiences in Central America. Four years later Will Publishes his second book “The Four Million” it was a collection of twenty-five of his stories that were his most famous in New York. This book was a huge success for will. (Current-Garcia, pg14 #2) In 1910 William Sydney Porter died In New York.