Binge Crinking is a Problem

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From one generation to the next, we have seemingly continued this ridiculous practice of "binge drinking". Sure, let's all see who can drink the most, who passes out first, and let's not forget throwing-up? Yes, you haven't experienced the true effects of binge drinking until you've thrown-up all over yourself. But why, why is it that today's generation feels that this is fun? Risking your life to fit in isn't fun. Fun is going to …

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…million undergraduates will ultimately die from alcohol-related causes while in school. This is more than the number who will get MA's and PhD's combined" (Goldberg A8). Obviously the United States government has some reevaluating to consider. With statistics like these, we are already playing Russian roulette with our children's lives. How much further are we all willing to go to keep alcohol away from students, when all that is needed is a change of heart.