Billy Budd

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In Henry Melville’s novel Billy Budd, the protagonist, Billy Budd, is a young impressed sailor aboard an English Battleship. Billy shows his actions toward a Christ Figure through his innocence and ignorance, which he shows while interacting with Claggart, the ships Master of Arms. Billy shows this Christ figure in his innocence towards Claggart, by not knowing why Claggart treats the crew so bad, and to why there is a side to him that …

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…tries to befriend Claggart. He can’t detect the malice and deceit inside the pernicious heart of Claggart, which all of his friends and shipmates can obviously see, by the way he treats others. Which Billy can not because of his innocence and ignorance, in which he can not look past skin deep, in the way he judges people. This is why Billy depicts a Christ Figure, he loves everyone even though they are malice.