Bigger: describes how and why Americans was to eat more, drive bigger cars, ect. Culture of excess in America discussed

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Bigger It happens every day; some moron cruising at eighty miles per-hour down a residential street, his flashy, raised, big-rimmed SUV "bumping" to the beat of his twenty plus inch speakers, skids into a McDonalds drive threw and orders a super-sized double quarter pounder with cheese meal. Today, Americans want the fastest, the loudest, and the biggest of everything, and the trend only seems to be growing. This phenomenon is discussed in the essay "Living …

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…succeed was enough to supply one with the necessities of life. As the economy improved, many Americans found themselves able to afford some luxuries. Today, however, America is unsatisfied with simple pleasures. America is now a nation of excessiveness, and it will continue to be so as long as excess is portrayed by the entertainment industry as fashionable. Where once there was a nation of great men, there is now a grand group of gluttons!