Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis

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Amanda English 111 12 December 1999 Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis American families were once thought of something that might resemble a 1950’s sitcom. Marriages meant forever and children never knew the realities of life outside of little league and sandlot football. Yet, over time, this idea has become distorted, showing that the “Brady Bunch” scenario is really far fetched in itself. Families today do not fit the ideal mold of a structured family with 2.5 kids and a …

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…do really “great” things, but we can all do “great” things in small ways!” Bibliography Works Cited Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis (BBGI) Annual Report (1997) Building Friendships, Building Lives. Indianapolis, IN: 1-15 Kessler, L. (1999). Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America [On-Line] Available Site: VeneKlause, Joe (personal communication, September 30, 1999) endorses this view of the paper. Vernick, Victor, E. (1997) From the Board of Director’s Desk [On-line]Available Site: