Biff and Happy Death of a Salesman

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Biff and Happy in Death of A Salesman It is said that the sins of the father are visited upon the sons. In Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman, the shortcomings of the father, Willy Loman, have been transmitted to his two sons in such a damaging way that the two sons are crippled for life -- but in very different ways. This paper will examine those ways by analyzing the young men's relationship with …

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…other approach would be possible. In the end, Biff remains crippled but aware of his state; Happy remains blissfully Ignorant of the way his worshipful emulation of his father's life has doomed him to a Similar fate. In fact, Happy's last speech of the play asserts that he's going to win his Fatherís fight for him. Neither character will win any fights for anyone, however, until they can divorce themselves from Willy's destructive legacy.