Beowulf's Grendel

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The Continuum of Beowulf English literature begins with the Anglos and the Saxons. For the first time they expressed their thoughts through the epic poem of Beowulf. In Beowulf, characters play the vital role in every important aspect of the poem. Through literature, they displayed opposing characters and how they affected each other to the maximums of a continuum. When a force in Beowulf acquired joy, the opposing force acquired sorrow. Whenever there was music …

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…Lines 2-4 2. Grendel’s anger 3. Wanted no music B. Beliefs 1. Communication 2. Herot laughter and dance 3. Lines 29-35 III. Second Point A. Grendel returns 1. Came back until killed all 2. Danes sorrow/Grendel joy 3. Sorrow of Herot’s lord B. Beowulf comes 1. The night they fought 2. Lines 272-275 3. Far ends of continuum IV. Third Point A. Beowulf’s continuing joy 1. Lines 338-340 2. Granted “new glory” 3. People came from all over 4. Defeated Grendel and hung arm V. Conclusion