Beowulf, Epic Hero

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What Makes an Epic Hero? In your opinion, what characteristics makes an epic hero in a story? Is it someone who can defeat many enemies? Or is it someone of great nobility? In the poem Beowulf, Beowulf is the obvious hero in this story. What makes him so great is his “fear nothing” attitude, as well as his nobility and leadership. He has many loyal men that would die for him, because he gives them …

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…Grendel”. With everything Beowulf had in his personality traits, he still could not ignore the fact that he was only human, that is why he had the ability to die. But dying as a noble person, as a leader, and a courageous man is what made Beowulf the hero that he was. Dying for the well being of his fellow warriors made him not only a hero, but an excellent meal for big momma Grendel.