Beowulf: Epic Hero

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The earliest recorded epic poem, Beowulf, was anonymously written during the Anglo-Saxon era (approximately 700AD). The Anglo-Saxons admired epic heroes who upheld the ethics of their society through exemplary leadership, loyalty, strength and bravery. These epic heroes prevailed over insurmountable odds, and were glorified by the people who progressed because of their victories. Beowulf, the hero in this literary piece, did as such, and he ultimately surpassed the qualities of being an epic hero. Accordingly, …

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…moral values of his people, and the people of the Anglo-Saxon era. His strength and power made him almost invincible. He conquered what to others may have only been a dream, and with all of that, he was brave, loyal, confident, and friendly towards his subjects. His people showered him with gifts and glory. The encounters he endured gave him the admiration that has allowed him to be remembered 1300 years later as an epic hero.