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Back in the day of the Viking, how they viewed and thought of themselves, is in some ways different than how we view them today. Beowulf was one of many of these so-called Viking "heroes", and even today people view Beowulf in different ways. Some people think that he was an Ideal Germanic hero; while others think he was a "Christ figure" ;yet still others thought of Beowulf as the human condition. I feel that …

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…everyone think he was this "wonderful person" that just wanted to help them get rid of Grendel and that was all: ...I shall crush the giant Grendel in single combat...I alone...will cleanse Heorot....(375-381) Little did they know that he had his own reasons for the things he did. In the process of trying to achieve something all by himself and receive all of the glory for it, Beowulf ended up receiving death.