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In the epic Beowulf, the only complete Old English epic that has survived to present day, the protagonist Beowulf fights three significant battles. During these three battles against Grendel, Grendelís mother, and the dragon, Beowulf uses his strength and bravery to defeat each of the foes encountered. Beowulf uses several of his character traits to help him as he conquers his enemies. When one is analyzing a story such as this, one must break …

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…the dragon and Beowulf. In conclusion, through fundamental character analysis and plot dissection, one can clearly see the relationship of purity and difficulty pertaining to the battles. Though the motive for the battles may not be less pure, the manner through which the battles were endured is. Although the battles contrast sharply, one can simply not overlook the similarities that exist, such as the ongoing struggle between good and evil, the religious symbolism, and leadership.