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The epic Beowulf shows us how a mans’ character is tested as he encounters difficult situations. The unknown author of Beowulf, leaves behind a mystique, an intriguing quality with which the character which hold our interest. The modern-day hero, Superman, also possesses these same qualities. Their modest actions are what helped these hero’s to become their peoples’ “ideal man.” The first quality that earns a person’s respect between Beowulf and Superman is wealth. …

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…share similar characteristics through the eyes of the perceiver. There is an expectation of what a hero is supposed to be. Thus, by comparing and contrasting Superman and Beowulf’s traits, we can attribute their qualities to the “ideal man.” There will be obstacles to face, but a hero will overcome the challenges as demonstrated by Superman and Beowulf. We all hold in our heart the ability to become a “hero” or the “ideal man.”