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The Anglo-Saxons living in the time of Beowulf did not believe in the afterlife. To them, the only way to experience life after death was to live on in the memories of others. One could fulfill this goal by being known for one’s generosity, courage, and strength. Beowulf, the protagonist of this epic poem, embodied all of these virtues and lives on in memory because of this. First, generosity was widespread and more greatly …

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…of Ecglaf… if heart of thine were as battle-bold as thy boast is loud! They all knew everyone exaggerated and made up stories, but no one wanted to admit to it. Not only was it commonplace, but it was also effective. No one dared to call someone a liar and boasting was an effective way of getting your story out. If your story was great enough it, as well as you, would never be forgotten.