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1770-1827, German composer. he is universally recognized as one of the greatest composers of the Western European music tradition. Beethoven's work crowned the classical period and also effectively initiated the romantic era in music. He is one of the few artist who genuinely may be considered rovolutionary. Born in Bonn, Beethoven showed remarkable talent at an early age. His father, a court musician used him in hopes of exploiting him as a child prodigy. In 1878, …

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…greatly impressed. In1792 Haydyn invited him to become his student but his unorthodox musical ideas angered his teacher, and the lessons were terminated. Beethoven studied with many other teachers including Antonio Salieri, but he had developed to his own singular genious and could no longer benefit from a instructor. 1801 marked the onset of Beethoven's tragic affliction, his deafness. By 1817 he had lost all hearing. Public performances became impossible, but his creative work was not restricted.